Whether it’s managing stress, losing weight, eating healthier or sleeping better, most of us know what we “need” to do, but often have resistance when it comes to taking the steps necessary to achieve results. We may want to change and at times take steps to change but most of the time the changes don’t stick.

When changes do tend to stick is when there is a plan created that includes accountability and a sense of community. Trying to make health changes in isolation is difficult if not impossible but when there is someone or a group encouraging you on your journey then the magic begins to happen.

The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of usand incorporated into our common life”— Jane Addams

Kanodia MD is part of a  30- day Nutrition Mission with Good Day Columbus TV Anchor, Carolyn Bruck. Join us each day as we go on a journey with Carolyn and watch her health transformation.

Her first goal is to have improved sleep. Tomorrow learn how Carolyn quickly added two extra hours of sleep and is already feeling more refreshed when she wakes up.