It’s a delight to hear that Carolyn is already having success with her number one goal to more sleep.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation can wreck havoc with health.  It creates a host of issues, not the least of which is inability to simply function on a day- to- day basis. Daily energy can be severely depleted and coping skills almost non existent if sleep is missing.

Carolyn is an excellent student and immediately incorporated several important steps to increase her nightly sleep. As we discussed in an earlier blog, Carolyn is going to bed two hours earlier and this one step has increased her sleep to 6 hours per night.  Go Carolyn!

Carolyn also agreed and is having good success journaling before she goes to bed. Insomnia can be caused by many things,  but worrying or mind spinning can keep a person up for hours. The simple act of journaling before going to bed can help to stop this mind spinning and worry. By writing down worries, upsets, to do lists, etc. it allows the mind to put these things on paper and let go of them. Think of the journal as a depository of those things that are keeping you awake at night. They can sit in your journal while you sleep. Its like taking those items off the “worry plate” and letting them live in your journal.

Check out Carolyn’s comments about her sleep improvement at her blog,

Wishing you all some extra snoozing time.