Article by Dr. Anup Kanodia
Functional Medicine Physician

At KanodiaMD, we believe that the quality of healing moves with the speed of science. That’s why we like to stay at the forefront of trends and treatments that are backed by research and creating amazing results with our patients.

Today, I’ll share with you four of our newest and most cutting-edge treatments that we offer here at KanodiaMD—some of which are not only effective, they’re actually regenerative! I’m so excited about these, because it will offer new ways to provide more rapid and successful healing in patients who really need it.


What Are Peptides?

Peptides are a form of regenerative cell therapy that are light years beyond what we’ve ever been able to offer to patients. These brand new peptide pills are a nutritional supplement that works on cell renewal and stimulation to delay the aging process. It also helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress in our body.

Your body needs a lot of supplies to run optimally—food, supplements, etc. These are the raw materials your body uses to fuel many, many processes that keep you running optimally. Peptides are what those raw materials create. When you’re able to give the body an already-made substance, it can use it much easier and MUCH more effectively. It’s like moving into a house that’s already built instead of starting from scratch with a piece of land, a hammer and nails!

What Are Some Benefits of Peptides?

Why Am I So Excited About Peptides?

Many conditions stem from the fact that things aren’t working properly in the body—whether there’s an injury, a condition has developed or we’re simply aging. Now we can actually repair and fix the body, restoring it for optimal performance.

Peptide Treatment Details:

These come in capsule form and can be obtained with dosage instructions through KanodiaMD. The typical costs can range from $350 – $700 per month. Please consult with Dr. Kanodia to determine if you’re a good candidate and what dosage is recommended.


What Are Postbiotics?

The world has been pretty focused on getting good amounts of prebiotics (fiber) and probiotics—and we should still be consuming these. The reason there has been so much attention on prebiotics and probiotics is because they fuel the good gut bacteria in order to help them produce postbiotics.

Postbiotics—a type of gut bacteria waste—are what we’re finding actually leads to all those great benefits of having a healthy microbiome. Now we have a way to get all that great postbiotic material—without asking our own gut bacteria to make it.

What Can Postbiotics Help Treat?

Why Am I So Excited About Postbiotics?

The concept of postbiotics isn’t new, but the effectiveness of this new delivery method (capsule pill) is unrivaled! I’ve seen multiple patients rapidly improve their gastrointestinal conditions and have even seen those going through chemotherapy find amazing relief from symptoms. I believe this will be a common supplement people take in the near future.

Postbiotic Treatment Details:

These come in capsule pill form and can be obtained with dosage instructions through KanodiaMD. This particular postbiotic pill I found costs $625 for a 50-pill supply. Please consult with Dr. Kanodia to determine if you’re a good candidate and what dosage is recommended.


What Is Plaquex?

All of the cells in the body are continually absorbing nutrients and expelling toxins through the cell wall. With certain conditions and as we age, these cell walls become impenetrable, blocking vital nutrients and not allowing proper detoxification. Then we can have heart attacks, strokes, inflammation, stress, insulin resistance, accumulation of free radicals, toxins, heavy metals, hypertension—and the list goes on.

The “miracle molecule” in Plaquex IV treatment—Phosphatidylcholine (PC)— is the building block of all cell membranes. It rejuvenates cell membranes and optimizes their function, which in turn improves the function of the cell and ultimately the organ that the cell is part of (including the skin).

What Are The Benefits of Plaquex?

Why I’m So Excited About Plaquex:

Plaquex is a way to help people heal who have not seen success thus far. Many of my patients struggle with issues of the gut and brain, and this has been able to provide them with more mental clarity and much improved digestion.

Plaquex Treatment Details:

We offer Plaquex IV therapy and pills at KanodiaMD. The IV cost ranges from $210 for a single infusion to $6,058 for a full 30-infusion treatment course. Contact the office for more info on Plaquex pills and IV therapy. Please consult with Dr. Kanodia to determine if you’re a good candidate and what dosage is recommended.

Nutritional Tools

What Are The New Nutritional Tools?

Because so many of our patients see such a phenomenal change when they optimize their nutrition, we decided to add a set of “tools” to our practice's treatment plan. Introducing The Nourishing Plate—our state-of-the-art, gluten-free kitchen at KanodiaMD. It was created to help patients and non-patients alike incorporate functional foods that support the whole body for healing and to show how to make eating healthy achievable and flavorful.  

What Are The Nourishing Plate’s Offerings? 

We are currently offering group culinary classes and private cooking sessions (both in-person and virtual) tailored to your dietary needs and nutrition protocols. Additionally, we have weekly YouTube kitchen demos, monthly blogs on our website and special chef events. It’s also a fun place to host a girls' night, family cooking activity or even a date outing. We invite individuals of all skill levels!

Why Are You So Excited About It?

The Nourishing Plate takes the nutrition journey to a whole new level. This is the piece that supports the implementation part of the process and gives people the support they need to make it happen! There are many barriers when it comes to food. We want to help keep food simple and nourishing. Food should be joyful, flavorful, and make you feel good! This space allows us to break through those barriers and curate nutrient-rich meals. 

We’re thrilled to be able to offer these amazing treatments and services to you. Our goal at KanodiaMD is to make connections with purveyors of groundbreaking treatments, so that we can offer them to our patients. We’re committed to identifying what our patients need most and then discovering the best way to help them take back their lives!

As always, we’re happy to discuss your health needs. Just contact our office to set up an appointment or visit our Kitchen Page for info on nutrition and our class offerings . Check out our snack-sized, healthy cooking tutorials filmed straight out of our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen called “The Nourishing Plate.”

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