Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Because We Care


Caring for our Patients and team members is our top priority. We are taking the growing concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously.

To help safe guard our patients and staff we are:

  • We are spending extra time daily cleaning and disinfecting all areas in our office giving special care to the common areas.
  • Providing single-use condiments, such as tissues, gloves, respiratory protection, and anti-bacteria gel upon request.
  • We are discontinuing the use of magazines, books, all shared items in our waiting rooms as well as office items shared among patients, such as pens, clipboards, etc.
  • We are offering all follow up patient appointments by telehealth, (phone, skype, etc.)
  • We are suggesting 15-minute phone appointments to any patients that feel they are having symptoms that may need evaluation for possible sickness.      
  • We are suggesting Supplement/Products and services to help boost the Immune system. (Please contact our office via, email, portal, or phone.  (614.524.4527)

Symptoms Include: Fever, acute lower respiratory symptoms including cough and shortness of breath, Muscle pain or fatigue.

We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control, Ohio Department of Health and the World Health Organization and will continue to seek guidance from these agencies and public health officials. We are also continuously monitoring our policies to ensure we are providing the resources and flexibility our patients and team members need at this time.


Dr. Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH, IFMCP

Get our free guide for coronavirus, cold & flu recommendations on ways to help prevention and what to do if you are experiencing symptoms below:


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