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10 WBNS Ohio – When it comes to the pandemic, we hear the same advice: wash your hands, wear a mask and socially distance. But did you know there are small changes you can make to naturally boost your immunity? I spoke to 10TV about some ways you can help fight off those winter illnesses.

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Wellness Wednesday: Coronavirus featuring Dr. Anup Kanodia

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Spectrum News 1: Promoting Wellness During Social Distancing Interview with Dr. Kanodia which aired throughout the State of Ohio several times a day.

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Dr. Anup Kanodia interviewed on Joel Riley's Podcast. Local Doctor on keeping you and your family safe and strong during the Corona Virus outbreak s/

March 18, 2020  4 min

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I, like many of you, Do not have multiple degrees let alone one from Harvard… My guest today does and he knows a lot more about what is going on than I do. Take a listen for an unbiased factual approach to what we can expect in the near future. Enjoy Dr. Anup Kanodia.

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When social distancing was first enforced in New York City, there were a few changes to my mental and physical health that I anticipated would result from remaining at home. First, I knew my anxiety would likely skyrocket—uncertainty and illness are major triggers for me—and second, I knew I’d start to feel down not seeing my support base as often. What I didn’t anticipate was the perpetual exhaustion I’d feel that makes it extremely hard to get up in the morning and progress through my day.

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It’s been nine days since Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has placed the state under a shelter-in-place order. However long this will last is unknown, but Dr. Anup Kanodia has a suggestion: use this time for your own self-health.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Many people are wondering what they can do to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to proper hand washing and social distancing.

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Human beings are social creatures and “social distancing” ain't natural. We get some advice from a central Ohio doctor on staying healthy — mind, body and spirit — while staying home.

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Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH

Functional Medicine Doctor

Family, Functional and Integrative Medicine

Certification: Certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine

Education and Training: Masters in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health

Fellowship: Harvard Medical School Complementary and Integrative Medicine Fellowship

Family Medicine Residency: Mayo Clinic

Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Active participant in the development of Functional Medicine Standards for the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Instructor for the Foundation of Functional Medicine course, AFMCP. Lecturer for the IFM International Annual Conference.

Hi, my name is Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH. As a classically trained physician, it did not take me long to realize that my initial medical school training was not enough for me to fundamentally help people achieve true, long lasting health. Early in my residency, I began to notice that the symptom/drug approach worked for acute problems, such as severe bacterial infections and heart attacks, but this model was fundamentally flawed for chronic health conditions. It did not and does not work. The reason this model is inadequate is because it is entrenched in dispensing pharmaceuticals that often have severe side effects and not in how to search for the “root” cause and treat the person, not just their symptom.

This realization turned my world upside down and forced me to ask myself these two questions, “Is this what it means to be a doctor?” and “Do I just want to write prescriptions all day long to camouflage symptoms?” For me, the answer was an absolute “No.” And so began my journey and another three years of medical training that introduced me to the world of Alternative and Functional training. It was during this time that I found the answers that were missing. I learned how to help people get to the root cause of a myriad of different illnesses such as chronic fatigue, allergies, recurrent infections, depression and irritable bowel. I learned how stress could destroy a person’s health and that yeast overgrowth is the silent demon robbing thousands of people of their health. For the undiagnosed that had tried everything, I learned that there were solutions. It was in this body of work that my patients began to get well, stay well and live well. My original passion in medicine took on a whole new meaning and my mission was now clear: dig for the root cause, identify it, treat it and eliminate it. This process is the key to help people transform their health and empower them to live the joyful life they were meant to live.