Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Kanodia is a trained and licensed M.D and an Institute of Functional Medicine certified Practitioner, but he does not practice primary care. If you are experiencing symptoms that need immediate or urgent medical attention you will need to see your Primary Care Physician or go to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room.
We do not accept insurance at our office and we are considered an Out-of-Network provider. Payment is due at the time of your visit. We will provide the paperwork (which will include all costs and coding) that you need to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. This will be your responsibility. We suggest that you call your insurance company and inform them that you are planning on working with an out-of-network provider, and that there will be lab testing and supplements involved. Some insurance companies may allow you to use your Health Care Spending Account if they do not cover the charges.

Please bring any lab results you may have from previous testing done in the past year. If you have already uploaded these test results to your portal, you do not need to bring them with you. If you don’t have these results, general knowledge of what was in them is fine.

Dr. Kanodia will spend time during the appointment getting to know you and asking questions about your history, lifestyle, and symptoms. He will explain what he believes to be the root cause(s) of your symptoms, and he will create a plan for you — a series of steps, to get you better! You will proceed to check out, schedule any lab tests, and additional appointments, and pay for your visit and any supplements/products. If you have not already been scheduled into a Health Coaching New Patient virtual group class, you will be scheduled into one at this time. In this class, you will learn about your personalized Patient Health Plan, and the foundational steps you can begin now to start feeling better.

A health coach is a supportive mentor who works with you to achieve your health goals and cultivate positive lifestyle and behavioral choices. At KanodiaMD, your health coach will support you in implementing the steps of the personalized plan Dr. Kanodia has created for you. You will work together through any challenges and celebrate your successes. Your health coach will provide education, inspiration, and motivation — all to help you get better faster!

In a case study done by Medica Health Plans, quality-of-life scores improved for 81% of participants working with a health coach. And 91% of participants reported that the program helped them change behaviors and meet individual health goals. Overall at KanodiaMD, patients working with a health coach have better outcomes, because they tend to stay on track with their plans. They feel cared for and more supported in moving through their healing process.
Your health coach at Kanodia MD is going to support you in working through each step of your health plan. The average health plan has 10 steps. At your first health coaching visit, you will review the first several steps. At each subsequent health coaching session, you will discuss your progress, successes and challenges—and then you will work on adding a few more steps as you are ready.
For the first two months, you will speak with your health coach approximately every two weeks. After two months, your coaching calls will be once a month for four months. At the end of six months, you will be well on your way, and will only need health coaching calls one week after your follow up appointments with Dr. Kanodia to review changes to your plan.
A functional medicine Dietitian / Nutritionist combines the best of functional nutrition and conventional medicine to support whole body healing and prevent further illnesses from developing. Our Dietitians empower patients to be in control of their health by creating a personalized nutrition plan to treat symptoms, giving step-by-step guidance for realistic implementation, and providing tools for accountability.
Your Dietitian at KanodiaMD is going to support you as you learn to nourish your body from the inside out. You will receive a comprehensive nutrition assessment to determine your nutritional imbalances. In addition, you will get a personalized food plan that tells you how to implement your new protocol in a realistic way based on your current lifestyle. In follow-up appointments, we will check in to determine nutritional imbalances, your healing and repair progress, as well as challenges to overcome.