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Experience personalized care at KanodiaMD. Beyond treating symptoms, we understand your unique journey and are dedicated to finding solutions. Our comprehensive approach uncovers the root cause, unlocking healing, better health, and a symptom-free life. Your path to well-being starts here.

Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH, IFMCP

What Makes
KMD Different?

Our treatment process is proven effective. Led by your goals, catered to your needs, and informed by your comprehensive health history, our team will develop an actionable plan to achieve your goals. We stay by your side with support, advice, and guidance, every step of the way.

Understand Where You’ve Been

We start by sitting down with you to understand where you’ve been on your healthcare journey, the obstacles you’re currently facing, and where you want to go.

Plot a New Course

With a thorough understanding of your goals, Dr. Kanodia and the team will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive health plan that guides you toward healing.

Set Out With Support

Regular check-ins with Dr. Kanodia and our team of Physician Assistants, Dietitians, Nurses, and Health Coaches will keep you on track throughout your journey.

Move Forward With Confidence

Meet your goals and maintain a new standard of health with ongoing support and advice from your trusted KanodiaMD team.

Your Health Journey Starts With Hydration

75% of adults who drink 8 cups of water a day are still chronically dehydrated. Are you one of them? Uncover the science behind true hydration with our 30-day BeHydrated program. You’ll follow a personalized hydration plan to transform the way you drink (and absorb) water.

Are you tired despite just waking up?

Dealing with recurrent sickness, depression, anxiety, or weight challenges? Say goodbye to conventional symptom-focused approaches. We integrate science-based medicine with lifestyle changes, nutrition, specialized lab testing, targeted supplementation, and stress management for comprehensive health solutions.

At Kanodia MD, using our advanced expertise in alternative, integrative, and functional medicine, we are dedicated to addressing the root causes of health issues.

Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH, IFMCP

How We’ve Helped Others Like You

You’re not alone. Read testimonials from KanodiaMD patients like you to see exactly
how our health team can help you enjoy life.

“Dr. Kanodia has taken wonderful care of my family and me.”

“Dr. Kanodia has taken wonderful care of my family and me. We are grateful for his quality of care, vast medical knowledge, and dedication to uncovering and correcting the root cause of our health problems. I appreciate the passion he has for helping his patients feel better to live better, fuller lives. Dr. Kanodia has played a big role in helping me maintain optimal health so that I can be at my very best on the course.”

Jason Day, Image of Dr. Kanodia and PGA golfer Jason Day

Jason Day, PGA Golfer

KanodiaMD Patient

Jason Day, Image of Dr. Kanodia and PGA golfer Jason Day

“I went from having
chronic pain to none”

“In less than a year of working with Dr. Kanodia, I went from having chronic pain to none…I have way more energy now and as a result, I am able to work out again.”

Angie P.

KanodiaMD Patient

“they understand what it means to provide long-term solutions”

“My symptoms from gout were so severe that before working with Dr. Kanodia I could not even put a bedsheet on my feet at night to sleep. Now, I do not even have tingling on my feet…At KanodiaMD they understand what it means to provide long-term solutions rather than quick fixes.”

Jim B.

KanodiaMD Patient

“I feel like I have my life back”

“I now feel 15 years younger, and I feel like I have my life back…The aspect I like the best at KanodiaMD is being treated as a whole individual rather than a set of individual problems. The care protocols at KanodiaMD involve mind, body, and spirit, which is important for the whole being.”

Angela G.

KanodiaMD Patient

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