Article by Lauren Arnett, RDN, LD
Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at KanodiaMD

What is your mood when you walk into your kitchen … overwhelmed, happy, annoyed, angry, inspired, creative? You probably have never been asked this question, but I encourage you to walk into your kitchen and explore how you FEEL!

Why? Because we spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking for ourselves, family and friends, and the way you feel walking into the space transfers to your experience while cooking. If you are in a happy mood, your food will be more delicious, flavorful and enticing, and it will radiate positivity! I’m going to walk you through how to get your kitchen set up for success, so that when you enter that space, you feel excited and happy about rolling up your sleeves and jumping in.

Decluttering Your Kitchen

First order of business: clean up that clutter! This step often gets skipped, but it is truly important in creating a joyful space that you actually want to spend time in. Who wants to be in a space that is disorganized, messy and full of other tasks that need to get done? Not me, and I bet not you too.

Top 7 Kitchen Essentials

Now that your space is clean and organized, it’s time to make sure you have all the right tools for a diverse variety of kitchen tasks. 

Take Your Kitchen Up A Level

We've got the basics down. These next items are nice additions that you'll use over and over again to level up your kitchen game.

Let’s Get Down and Dirty with Tools to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

After the food is made and enjoyed, let’s keep it all in tip top shape, so you’ll be excited to start cooking again right away.

It’s my job to inspire you to stay nourished on the inside, but I hope these tips are helpful in getting you set up for success on the outside too — in your kitchen!

Come check out our upcoming classes at The Nourishing Plate teaching kitchen at KanodiaMD and experience the joyful space that we have created with you in mind.

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