Let’s Make Healthy Taste Delicious!

Every time we put food into our body, we make a choice. Our mission at The Nourishing Plate is to cultivate feelings of self-care, nourishment and joy through the gift of food. Our Dietitians are here to empower you with the tools you need to prepare delicious, nutrient-rich meals through group culinary sessions and private cooking lessons from our state-of-the-art, gluten-free teaching kitchen.

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Let us help you heal through food.

Welcome to the Nourishing Plate


Entertaining and educational sessions from the comfort of your own kitchen

  • Expand your meal options with easy to replicate recipes
  • Learn useful skills and culinary techniques
  • Make it a fun date night or a culinary adventure

Price varies per class

A private, hands-on session with a Dietitian crafted for your own unique goals

  • Learn first-hand how to create meals your family will enjoy
  • Optimize nutrition intake

$149.00 per session

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