New Patients

Please go to our Patient Portal to create an account. There you will be able to complete the Account Details, Questionnaires and Pharmacies sections. We REQUIRE that these forms are completed ONE WEEK prior to your first appointment at KanodiaMD.

Nutrition Appointment

We REQUIRE that all out of state patients have a nutrition appointment on the same day. Please refer to the Nutrition Packet under the Questionnaires section in the patient portal if this applies to you. See this handout for more information on what your nutrition appointment will entail.


Please bring all LAB WORK within the last year to your first appointment, if available.

We encourage you to bring someone, or have a person who can call in for support during the appointment, to help you make medical decisions.

If you are scheduled for an AM appointment it may be necessary to draw labs. We suggest that you fast 8 to 10 hours beforehand. Drink at least 12-16 ounces of water prior to your appointment.  You will need to hold Thyroid medications or Vitamin D supplements until after your appointment.

Please bring all supplements and medications that you are CURRENTLY taking with you to your first appointment because we may need to look at the actual supplements.

What to Expect in Your First 3 Months with KanodiaMD

Timing of visits may vary

Initial Visit

60 minute initial appointment with Dr. Kanodia to establish 3 month patient health plan

15 minute appointment with Health Coach, Tami Gaitten (in-person, no charge)

20 minute appointment with Nurse, Nicole Altman (in-person, no charge)

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2 Weeks

15 minute Health Coaching Session #2  (health coaching visits are free and by phone)

3 Weeks

45 minute Initial Nutrition Session with our Dietitian, Lauren Arnett

(In-person, phone, Skype or Facetime)

*Initial Nutrition Appointment will include review of food sensitivity test results if those lab results are in, but does not include review of any other labs.

4 Weeks

15 minute Health Coaching Session #3

6 Weeks

Lab Review and updated plan with our Dietitian

*Your Initial Nutrition Session must be completed prior to the Lab Review

6-7 Weeks

3o minute Nutrition Follow-up 1 of 3

6 Weeks

15 minute Health Coaching Session #4

9 Weeks

3o minute Nutrition Follow-up 2 of 3

10 Weeks

15 minute Health Coaching Session #5

11 Weeks

3o minute Nutrition Follow-up 3 of 3

12 Weeks

60 minute Follow-up extended appointment with Dr. Kanodia to establish plan for next 3 months

20 minute appointment with Nurse to follow-up on labs

14 Weeks

15 minute Health Coaching Session #6 (Review new action items)


Health Coaching and Nutrition sessions will continue beyond 3 months

Dr. Kanodia reviews all labs when they arrive in our office. He will modify plans for your care based upon these results. Reviewing these results and the updated plan can either be done at your follow up appointment with Dr. Kanodia, or if you’d like to get them sooner, at a lab review appointment with our Dietitian, Lauren Arnett.

You must be working with our Dietitian, or have had an initial assessment with her, to review your lab results with her.