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KanodiaMD’s Proven Process for Health & Wellness

At KanodiaMD, we employ a tried and true process to help patients achieve real healing and wellness. It doesn’t look like the experiences you’ve probably had with conventional medicine in the past. Our methodology caters around YOU and your unique journey to heal and flourish. Here’s our process:


We’ll get to know your history before you get here. Our proprietary questionnaires allow our experts to holistically understand your unique situation. We’ll sit down with you and get to know more about your symptoms, goals, lifestyle habits, and various other factors that help us get to the root of how we can help you.


Armed with your history and your goals, we’ll develop your personal Health Plan to guide us along your healing journey. This could include suggested testing (for assessment of nutrient status, hormone levels, gut health, etc.), supplements, nutrition protocols, lifestyle adaptations, and treatments.


We offer free health coaching for all active patients, which is an important contributor to why our patients are able to make such incredible progress through accountability and added support. You’ll have regular check-ins with Dr. Kanodia, a Physician Assistant, Health Coaches, Dietitians, and any other staff necessary on your health journey. Additionally, our in-house lab and supplement shop will make each step on your healing journey a seamless one. 


Once you have accomplished your health goals, we'll work together to make a plan for maintaining your health. Your check-ins will be less frequent, but you’ll still have access to all the tools, treatments, and services at KanodiaMD.  We like to stay at the forefront of innovative research and changing medical news, so you will always have a trusted source for health and wellness information through our emails, webinars, social channels, and articles.

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