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Do Grounding Mats *Actually* Provide Mind-Body Wellness Benefits?

The science behind grounding mats is a bit of a mixed bag, but they're thought to help with managing stress, pain, and more.

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Doctors Are Taking A Stand Against Sitting

If you are sitting down while reading this, you may want to stand up. There is mounting evidence that sitting too many hours in a day might not only lead to weight gain, but might just make you sick.

Drunk Without Alcohol: Strange Condition Ferments Food in Gut

Auto-brewery syndrome made these men appear to be drunk without ever drinking.

Don’t just sit there. Really.

Every hour of TV that people watch, presumably while sitting, cuts about 22 minutes from their life span, the study’s authors calculated.

Taking a Stand at the Office.

Like the rest of us—though I should probably speak only for myself—I'd like to be a better person. I long ago gave up trying to become less selfish and self-centered. It was just too much effort. But I'm still eager to improve around the edges—for example, getting rid of my belly. So when I heard that Dr. Anup Kanodia was in town, I jumped, though only figuratively, at the opportunity to meet him.

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A Chef & A Dietitian: Where Delicious Meets Nutritious Webinar | Chef Laura & Lauren, RDN

Food should be a joyful experience, packed with nutrition and flavor! Luckily, preparing healthy and tasty meals doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. In this webinar from June 23, KanodiaMD’s Lauren Arnett, RDN, LD is joined by Chef Laura Mason to discuss meal tips for all levels of cooking experience.


Auto Brewery Syndrome- Dr. Kanodia on The Doctors

Auto Brewery Syndrome can make you fail a Breathalyzer test, even if you haven't had anything to drink. Dr. Anup Kanodia is the yeast expert who is raising awareness of Yeast Overgrowth.

Auto Brewery Syndrome- Dr. Kanodia on 20/20

Auto Brewery Syndrome can make you fail a Breathalyzer test, even if you haven't had anything to drink. Dr. Anup Kanodia is the yeast expert who is raising awareness of Yeast Overgrowth.

Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

Functional and alternative medicine expert, Dr. Kanodia, joins the conversation on allergies and shares insights on natural remedies to alleviate allergy symptoms. He emphasizes nasal rinses, natural alternatives to popular allergy medications, the benefits of local raw honey, and the significance of a low histamine diet.

COVID-19: Delta Variant, Back to School, Vaccines, Boosters, and More Webinar | Dr. Anup Kanodia

In this webinar (filmed 8/25/21), Dr. Anup Kanodia joins patients live for a Q&A, tackling all things COVID-19. From sharing tips for a stronger immune system to explaining how the Delta Variant differs from other strains, Dr. Kanodia answers burning questions about COVID-19, vaccines, boosters, immunity, and variants, like Delta and Lambda.

Heart Health: An Integrative Approach Webinar | Dr. Anup Kanodia & Dr. Judson Millhon

Dr. Anup Kanodia of KanodiaMD and cardiologist, Dr. Judson Millhon, discuss an integrative approach to heart health in this #AmericanHeartMonth webinar. Watch the video to hear about topics including COVID-19 and the heart, preventative heart health tips, and more.

New & Innovative Offerings at KanodiaMD | Dr. Anup Kanodia

Peptides, Postbiotics, Plaquex, and The Nourishing Plate! Join Dr. Anup Kanodia and Lauren Arnett, RDN, in this video recording from August 11, 2021 to discover the most cutting-edge treatments that deliver the healing patients deserve. Be sure to listen to their Q&A at the end—they tackle everything from the COVID-19 delta variant and how to go gluten free to what Dr. Kanodia puts in his shake each morning!

The Nourishing Plate | Take Back Your Life Through Food Webinar

Lauren, KanodiaMD's RDN, shares her functional medicine approach to using simple nutrition for everyday health. In this recording from March 24, 2021, Lauren leads the discussion, covering a wide range of topics.

COVID-19 Fox News with Dr. Anup Kanodia | Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Kanodia shares health advice, including the benefits of forest bathing, Buteyko breathing, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, and specific dietary recommendations for boosting immunity. The conversation sheds light on coping mechanisms and maintaining well-being during trying times.

Family Sleep: Strategies for Better Nights and Better Days | Dr. Anup Kanodia & Dr. Ali Carine

Getting restorative rest is one of the most important aspects of health for children and adults. In fact, sleep has been linked with everything from growth and brain function to mental health and the immune system. In this interactive webinar (filmed on May 26 2021), Dr. Anup Kanodia (functional medicine expert) and Dr. Ali Carine (osteopathic pediatrician) take an integrative look at sleep for the whole family.

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