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Reduce Stress and Worry By Being Mindful

It’s the final week of the Good Day Columbus, 30- Day Nutrition Mission for Carolyn Bruck and me. The time has flown by and I’m a little sad that the time has gone by so fast. Carolyn has been a great patient and has worked diligently on her goals and is reaping the benefits. Today, […]

What About Supplements?

TV Anchor, Carolyn Bruck is starting her third week of the Good Day Columbus, Nutrition Mission. Carolyn has embraced a new way of eating, is sleeping more hours and has implemented her personalized supplement regime.  Congratulations Carolyn!!  Carolyn mentions, she isn’t sure what each supplement is doing for her, but she says she is feeling […]

It’s Not Difficult, It’s Just Unfamiliar

Congratulations to Carolyn for making a new recipe of roasted brussel sprouts! Yum! Looks like the Good Day Columbus, Nutrition Mission is inspiring Carolyn to cook. Carolyn is a great example of trying new things in her efforts to transform her health. Often in our practice, patients initially say, “nutrition changes are difficult.” What we’ve […]

Sleep Glorious Sleep!

It’s a delight to hear that Carolyn is already having success with her number one goal to more sleep. Insomnia and sleep deprivation can wreck havoc with health.  It creates a host of issues, not the least of which is inability to simply function on a day- to- day basis. Daily energy can be severely […]

Personalized Nutrition, The Importance of Bio-Individuality

It’s Day 8 for Carolyn Bruck as she forges ahead with her Good Day Columbus, 30 Day Nutrition Mission. On Carolyn’s Blog, she sheds light on the important point of Bio-individuality. The reality is that everyone is unique and there isn’t a one size fits all diet. Personalizing food plans based on Carolyn’s goals […]

Are You Seeking More Sleep or Craving a Donut?

  I'm really loving working with Good Day Columbus TV News Anchor, Carolyn Bruck to help her achieve her goals during the GDC 30- Day Nutrition Mission. Carolyn says she wants and needs more sleep. Hmm, seems like today she wanted a Donut, by her own admission of her DonutGate proclamation on her Loveliest Life Blog. Three […]

Are You Ready To Get Healthy?

Whether it’s managing stress, losing weight, eating healthier or sleeping better, most of us know what we “need” to do, but often have resistance when it comes to taking the steps necessary to achieve results. We may want to change and at times take steps to change but most of the time the changes don’t […]