Success Story

Addressing and treating physical ailments caused by mental health issues at KanodiaMD

Feb 1, 2023

Christian Bodney

According to Christian, “I tried everything else before I realized that there might be something better out there. That’s when I decided to work with a functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Kanodia was able to identify the issues I was facing and ways to directly address them.” He added, “I chose a different treatment modality because primary care treatment couldn’t address the physical ailments that arise from mental health issues, which I had faced for many years before. In functional medicine, they understand that mind and body are connected and during treatment they focus on both.”

Over time, the care and treatment he has received at KanodiaMD has helped Christian to heal. At KanodiaMD they work with the patients at their pace. Christian added, “Their team has allowed me to take baby steps to reach my health goals. Due to that I have seen noticeable improvements in my body. To elaborate, a lot of the physical issues related to chronic stress quickly improved. I no longer wake up fatigued.” Christian stated he has been able to heal his body slowly and carefully. 

Not only has the KanodiaMD team been able to address his symptoms, but they have also helped him to live better. In fact, Christian stated because of how great he feels now, he thinks he wasn’t even fully living before. “Now I feel that I have choices. Previously, due to the multiple ailments I didn’t feel like I had a lot of options. Now I am in control of my own body,” he said.

When asked about his favorite aspect about the care he receives at KanodiaMD he quickly mentioned the fact that Dr. Kanodia is gentle. He further added, “Dr. Kanodia takes his time to listen and truly wants his patients to get better. I also enjoy the fact that their practice is integrated, in the ways that they make the connection between health and lifestyle.”