Success Story

Healing COVID-19 infection utilizing ozone therapy

Aug 24, 2023

Carrie Plourde

Carrie was constantly fatigued and would have recurring colds that resulted in an elevated temperature and increased heart rate. These issues first began during the pandemic. She was also suffering from anxiety. “I was already on so many medications, I did not want to take anymore. Not to mention, I also experienced plenty of side effects, which were difficult to manage,” said Carrie when asked about why she chose to see Dr. Kanodia. Carrie stated that she had almost given up when a friend suggested KanodiaMD. 

When she met Dr. Kanodia, he reviewed her laboratory results and medical history. From that he determined that she had a chronic infection, due to COVID-19. A year and a half later, she feels that her body has not only transformed for the better, but her mindset has also changed. She feels more positive and her mental and emotional health has improved significantly. 

The most important part of the healing process was that Carrie signed up for the full ozone package, which is intended to kill the infection and promote overall healing. According to her, in less than six months she began feeling stronger. The ozone therapy has also boosted her overall immune system.

Other than the ozone treatments, Carrie takes multiple supplements that have been recommended to her. Due to that, the overall inflammation in her body has significantly reduced. She cut down sugars and dairy from her diet, through the assistance of the functional medicine dietician on the team. Since working with the team, Carrie has also started drinking more water to ensure she stays hydrated. 

“During my lowest points, I was bedridden, constantly fatigued, and could not do anything. I was in constant fear of dying. Now I have my life back and feel less anxious,” said Carrie with excitement. She added, “I feel that I can pass on my knowledge to others. Someone told me about Dr. Kanodia, so I keep paying it forward by telling others about him.”