Success Story

Health and well-being are priceless

Oct 31, 2022

Sherman Lineberg

An avid golf player, over time, it became difficult for Sherman to complete a golf season. As the days went by, it was harder to return to an active lifestyle, including attending school in person. Sherman was not feeling like himself anymore.

His mother, Lisa, a wellness professional, had been reading about Dr. Mark Hyman, a prominent functional medicine physician and the Board president of clinical affairs at the Institute for Functional Medicine. While traditional medicine is great for treating symptoms, Lisa and her husband, Skip, wanted to know the root cause of Sherman’s illness and treat it. Therefore, they were keen on finding a functional medicine physician nearby. Since they live in West Virginia, Dr. Kanodia was the closest functional medicine practitioner she could find. Lisa was quickly impressed by the fact that Dr. Kanodia was trained by Dr. Hyman at Harvard Medical School in Boston. 

As soon as he started seeing Dr. Kanodia, there was a noticeable improvement in Sherman’s health condition. Dr. Kanodia’s team treated him for chronic fatigue syndrome, which was caused due to a viral infection. Over time he was able to complete his activities, including golf games, without issues. Playing golf requires a lot of walking, in addition to carrying a 15-pound bag of golf clubs. “I can now do that, without hesitation,” said Sherman in a tone of excitement. 

According to Sherman, “Dr. Kanodia speaks to me as though I am a responsible adult. The staff at KanodiaMD personally know us and take the time to walk us through, step by step during the appointment. It feels different from traditional medicine where the practitioners usually communicate with the parents instead of the children.” What most stands out to Sherman is that Dr. Kanodia is calm and never makes him feel anxious. 

Since seeing the KanodiaMD team, over the past year and a half, Sherman has made dietary changes which have impacted his overall well-being. Last summer he obtained his driver’s license. He is now able to travel which was impossible before and this past year, he completed a full golf season. 

In ending, Sherman stated, “You cannot put a price on health. We trusted the process and stayed consistent and therefore, it has paid off.” Since Sherman’s parents are paying for the expenses, it was pertinent to hear their perspective. Skip articulated, “We would do it all over again if we had to. Because our son feels better, he can do what he wants without limits and that is enough for us.”