Success Story

KanodiaMD team treats gout symptoms by adjusting mineral and electrolyte intake

Dec 23, 2022

Jim Bisenius

While growing up, Jim’s younger brother had difficulty with digestion and overall food intake. As a result, their mother took extra steps to focus on their nutritional needs. As Jim became an adult, he started paying more and more attention to his nutritional needs. He began following functional medicine and specifically Dr. Mark Hyman who practices functional medicine at Cleveland Clinic Center in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Over the years, Jim has struggled with gout though he is a non-drinker and follows a pretty strict dietary plan. As the symptoms from gout became hard to ignore, Jim decided to visit Dr. Kanodia’s office. At KanodiaMD they conducted extensive blood work which revealed more about Jim’s health status. “The ease of working with Dr. Kanodia is that though he is a physician, he is able to explain the results of the test in layman’s terms. There is a huge difference in the way he explains his approach to treatment plans and talks to his patients,” said Jim in a tone of excitement. 

Since working with the KanodiaMD team six months ago, Jim has not had any gout flares. Jim elaborated, “My symptoms from gout were so severe that before working with Dr. Kanodia I could not even put a bedsheet on my feet at night to sleep. Now, I do not even have tingling on my feet.” As part of his treatment regimen at KanodiaMD Jim has been paying attention to his mineral and electrolyte intake. As that became balanced, his overall health has improved. 

Jim, who has been working in the healthcare field for many years, thought he had a strong background in nutrition. Even then, working with Lauren, the Dietitian Nutritionist at KanodiaMD, opened up his eyes to much more in the field of healthcare, nutrition, and overall diet. “Lauren is good at helping me prioritize what to focus on. Before working with Lauren, I was told that I am pre-diabetic. Now, my sugar levels are under control, and I manage my overall nutritional intake even better.

Though Jim came to KanodiaMD to obtain treatment for gout, he has accomplished much more. His overall health has improved tremendously, and he credits the team at KanodiaMD for it. He concluded, “At KanodiaMD they deal with long-term health. They are well-rounded in their approach to treatment and understand what it means to provide long-term solutions rather than quick fixes.”