Success Story

Managing stress and nutrition utilizing a functional medicine approach

Feb 24, 2023

Pam Senek

Pam had been focusing on improving her health for many years. However, she continued to struggle with weight loss issues. Instead of simply fixing the issues by taking medications she wanted a more viable solution. 

She started seeing Dr. Kanodia in May 2022 and since then her health has significantly improved. By working with him they have addressed her stress levels so that she is better able to recognize her triggers and manage them effectively. Additionally, the Physician Assistant, Danny, was able to recommend various methods to deal with stress. Together, they determined which plan worked best for her. “It was a collaborative process in which he was able to listen to what works for me. I appreciated that,” she said. 

Pam has also started to understand more about her food sensitivities so she can improve her overall nutrition. Since the time she joined KanodiaMD she has been working with the nutritionist who has assisted her with her dietary intake. Together, they cut down sugar from her diet and increased her protein consumption. Pam stated with enthusiasm, “What’s most notable is that I don’t crave sugar like I used to anymore. I am glad to be on this path to good health.” 

According to Pam she is now learning that her body needs different kinds of foods. She is paying more attention to those needs which has improved her overall health. She is looking forward to continuing on her healthcare journey at KanodiaMD. 

Pam exclaimed that she would highly recommend others to KanodiaMD who are in need of improving their health outcomes. “I know that my philosophy of care matches Dr. Kanodia’s. He pays attention to our emotions and connects it with the big picture of health. That’s been very important for me.” she stated.