Success Story

Root cause medicine to treat Hashimoto’s disease

Oct 31, 2023

Janet Doyle

“I can’t live well without good health,” said Janet, a patient at KanodiaMD for almost 10 years. “I chose to be cared for at KanodiaMD and knew that I had to be open to lifestyle changes,” she added. 

Janet came to see Dr. Kanodia for the first time in 2014 after she heard him speak at a conference about functional medicine. At the time of her first appointment, she was diagnosed with pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes. Dr. Kanodia conducted extensive tests in order to determine the care plan that would work best for her. She described it as an in-depth evaluation of her current situation, which is what was needed for her to feel better. 

According to Janet, Dr. Kanodia spends quality time with his patients. He takes time to review their history, where they currently are in their healthy journey, and where they desire to be. Dr. Kanodia encouraged Janet to think more about good health, in a way that would elevate her overall health status. 

Janet was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects 1 to 2% of people in the U.S. The condition is the most common cause of thyroid underactivity in the U.S. Standard care has been to manage symptoms. However, at KanodiaMD tests were conducted to understand the root cause of the disease, which is part of the model for functional medicine. Since then, she has been able to take supplements and adjust her diet, to take care of her thyroid glands.  

Some of the benefits of being at KanodiaMD has been that Dr. Kanodia continues to research new treatments and incorporates them, where best fits. Janet remains impressed by his knowledge and is glad that he is open to the usage of technology and innovations for his patients.

Though there are obvious advantages to functional medicine, Janet wishes that insurance companies would realize the same and cover costs as part of their health benefits. She hopes that someday functional medicine will be a part of the norm for healthcare in the U.S.

Since 2014, she has become more active, her blood pressure and sugar levels are well managed, and she feels physically better. “I can concentrate more, and I have a lot more energy,” she exclaimed.