Success Story

The best outcome: Functional medicine integrated into our healthcare system

Oct 31, 2023

Luann Riley

Some time ago, Luann started experiencing heartburns. Her primary care physician’s recommendation was to remove her gall bladder. However, she wanted to maintain her organs while caring for the root cause of the illness. She also did not want to take medications all her life to treat the symptoms of her illness. 

Luann noticed firsthand, that her mother took medications for high blood pressure most of her life. She felt that was hard, to take medications forever, in order to care for her health. 

Eager to think of other ways to heal her body, Luann started searching for alternatives. Her internet search led her to KanodiaMD in the summer of 2020. 

Years prior to that she started following energy healing and in 2016, she became trained as a Reiki practitioner. Her work as a Reiki practitioner strengthened her desire to see a functional medicine practitioner.

What instantly attracted her to KanodiaMD is that they have a support team. There is a health coach to help with nutrition, there are nurses to assist with ozone treatment, and best of all, Dr. Kanodia practices full time as a functional medicine physician. “The practice is very structured and well-kept. No doubt, the team keeps me on track,” Luann stated. According to her, the team members are well aware of their work and the importance of it. Therefore, they are able to share that expertise with their patients.

Upon seeing Dr. Kanodia, she followed their comprehensive treatment and care plan. Though she did not undergo surgery, since her time as a patient at KanodiaMD, she has been sleeping through the night, lost twenty unwanted pounds, and best of all, does not experience heartburns. Another bonus is that with the passing of time, she has been able to maintain her weight. Overall, she has a lot more energy, feels focused and on target, and is taking less medications. 

Luann has been so pleased with her care, she said, “I wish functional medicine were integrated into our healthcare system. Someday, I hope it will become a part of standard care as that would be the best outcome” For her, it has been worthwhile to spend the money for the results she has obtained.