Success Story

KanodiaMD: A cohesive team approach to regain strength and improve overall well-being

Oct 31, 2022

Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in February 2020. Determined to beat the cancer, she started reading books on nutrition and had been reading, ‘Beating Cancer with Nutrition.’ At the back of that book is a list of doctors who heal through nutrition. One of doctors on that list was Dr. Rene Blaha, a physician she had seen years ago. When she contacted him for an appointment, he referred her to Dr. Kanodia.

One of her primary reasons for seeing the KanodiaMD team was to clean up her system from the radiation and chemotherapy drugs she had taken to target the cancer cells. “I needed to detox my body,” Vanessa stated. In addition, she wanted to strengthen her body again. “My body was weak, and I had a hard time walking,” she added. 

She started seeing Dr. Kanodia in March 2021 and soon after, started feeling better and regaining her strength. In November 2021 she took a trip to Hawaii and during that trip, she was able to walk, hike, and even snorkel. Now that she is at a point where she can travel, she is focusing on other aspects of her health. Since her time at KanodiaMD, she has made improvements that impact her overall well-being.

She enthusiastically shared about her experience, “Their office is a very well-oiled machine. Not only do you get Dr. Kanodia’s advice and expert medical knowledge, but you also get a whole care team.”

Vanessa has been working closely with Nicole, the office nurse. “Nicole is wonderful with her patients,” she stated. She elaborated, that Nicole explains all the processes to her and helps her to understand the reasoning behind them. 

She also appreciates Kathryn, who has conducted Bowen therapy on Vanessa to improve her muscle health. “I always feel better after working with Kathryn,” she mentioned.

Overall, Vanessa emphasized that working with the KanodiaMD team in such a cohesive manner has made her experience pleasant and stress-free. “I am convinced that there isn’t another medical office like the KanodiaMD office in town,” she happily expressed. 

Vanessa concluded that while her life has changed since her visits to KanodiaMD, through her, others have also benefitted. She quoted, “My entire family now thinks about food and nutrition. We all think about our health in a different way because of my interactions at KanodiaMD.”