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“Dr. Kanodia has taken wonderful care of my family and me. We are grateful for his quality of care, vast medical knowledge, and dedication to uncovering and correcting the root cause of our health problems. I appreciate the passion he has for helping his patients feel better to live better, fuller lives. Dr. Kanodia has played a big role in helping me maintain optimal health so that I can be at my very best on the course.”

— Jason Day, PGA Golfer  

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is one of our patients who is working with us for weight loss, and her results!

I have never felt so confident that a doctor really cares about me as a patient and really understands the whole body! Dr. Kanodia is amazingly kind. He is smart. He takes time to ask the right questions and really thinks before he speaks. It is obvious that he understands how all the systems of the body work in tandem, unlike traditional medicine where each part is treated separately. He gave me many treatment options with cost and time allotments. He really helped me pick the best plan for me and know how to help patients be accountable and follow through. His approach to medicine is a good mixture of new and old, traditional and alternative. And is obvious that he practices the very things he recommends. The support staff is equally friendly and knowledgeable.

– Lauren H.

Dr. Kanodia is incredibly knowledgeable, has a lot of great experiences, and really understands how the body works as a whole. His office staff is friendly and encouraging. Dr. Kanodia personally got my wife and I glasses of water when we arrived at the office the first time. He spends a lot of time listening to your story and issues and figures out a game plan that is right for you that you both can agree on. I am extremely happy with his thought processes, his level of care and finally feel like I have found a doctor that will be able to partner with me to regain optimal health. Refreshing

– Jamie D.

After consulting with Dr. Kanodia and going over my test results, I have renewed hope for a return to excellent health. We spent a full hour going over my lab test results. I especially liked and appreciated how he explained the graphs and numbers and what they mean regarding my health. He explained why all the steps he wants me to take are going to help my body become healthy again in a way that I could understand and process. I also liked how he had me write down everything I am supposed to do. Doctor appointments can be stressful and it’s often hard to remember everything discussed. Writing down the game plan gives me something to refer to later so that I don’t forget an important step in my journey to restored health. I am very confident in Dr. Kanodia’s knowledge and that he truly has my best interest at heart. A Doctor Who Cares

– Janelle L.

Lauren has a great background in nutrition and was good at helping me to find a variety of foods to avoid vitamin and mineral deficits. She also does a wonderful job of coming up with innovative and interesting recipes that made the restrictions seem less boring and confining. Her support and knowledge made such a difference.


I am very impressed with the care I received from Dr. Kanodia and his staff. I received a very warm welcome from his staff when I arrived and was even offered a glass of water. Dr. Kanodia spent an hour with me, listening, taking notes, and urging me to take notes too. He’s the first doctor who said to me that he wants to figure out why this is happening to my health rather than just writing another prescription. He states up front that his job is to act as a consultant. This is a partnership. We came up with a plan together so that I could begin making changes to get healthy again. There is a nutritionist on staff who is equally helpful and supportive. Dr. Kanodia and his staff are also upfront about the costs of all of the tests and future visits so you can budget accordingly. I’m looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Kanodia.

– Melissa T.

I just had my initial consultation with Dr. Kanodia and am very pleased. He spent over an hour talking and questioning my about my history which no other Dr. Has ever done. I felt that he really listened and analyzed everything I was saying. This Dr. Is not your average MD. My husband saw him a couple of years ago and with Dr. Kanodias guidance he was able to heal his chronic itching that had been going on for a year or so. He offers a solution and if you work the solution you can get better. I know it will be hard work and it may take some time for me to get better. I didn’t just end up sick. It has taken 45 years and a lot of stress and bad eating to get me where I am today and I hope with the help offered by Dr. Kanodia and his staff lead me to a life time of good health.

– Stephanie T.

I have been to a Functional Medicine Doctor in Michigan and I love how they spend so much time with you and ask questions. I only had one visit, but i’m going back. I want to be healthy. He knows his stuff and works to help you with your needs. Can’t wait for all my tests to come back and while I’m waiting I’m doing the things he suggested. CAN’T WAIT TO GET HEALTHY!!! Amazing Doctor

– Suzan R.

I couldn’t be more happy with my first consultation with Dr. Kanodia. Not only was I impressed with the questions he asked, but I was also completely touched by how much he genuinely cares. He spent a good deal of time getting to know me and getting to the root of the problem.It’s so refreshing going to a doctor that doesn’t just want to treat my symptoms. I appreciate that he didn’t overwhelm me with changes I need to make before our next session. I’m ok with taking a few steps at a time to achieve the “new me”. It may take some time but I don’t want to put a bandaid on my problem, I want to eliminate it permanently! I thought it was great talking with the health coach after the doctor gave me a plan because she gave me great tips on how to implement those changes to my life. It made everything totally doable! I know working with Dr.Kanodia is going to change my life. I can already feel the shift after just one visit. Excellent

– Kathleen P.

I had my first visit today with Dr. Kanodia. I found the office warm and comfortable. The staff was friendly and helpful. Everyone was smiling and so nice! Dr. Kanodia took the time to talk with me in depth about my issues, and explain the process and how we would work together on my plan to better health. I felt he truly understood what I am going through and really listening which was a nice change from other doctors. He allowed me to take notes and made very clear what our next steps are and what was expected of me between now and our next visit. Dr. Kanodia is exactly what I have been looking for!

– Melanie A.

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