WeightLess by KanodiaMD

Struggling to lose weight? Feel like you’ve tried every diet in the book? For the results you deserve, you need a new approach. With WeightLess by KanodiaMD, heal your body—and transform it—from the inside out. No gimmicks. No yo-yo dieting. Just real weight loss using KanodiaMD’s proven method:

Unlike calorie restriction or exercise-focused programs, our holistic approach targets root causes with the most powerful healing modalities. By integrating state-of-the-art technology and treatments with functional nutrition and health coaching, patients can lose significant weight and sustain their results long-term. 

So many are able find success with our program because of these four key areas that no other program offers:

1. The Why

Identify and heal the root causes of your weight struggles, with personalized support from our team. By helping patients target their root causes—like poor sleep, nutrition, dehydration, or emotional issues—we make real weight loss possible.

2. Cutting Edge Technology

Experience the best in functional medicine technology and treatments. From body scans and light therapy to weight loss plates, intravenous therapy (IV) and injections, you’ll receive state-of-the-art care that energizes your journey for advanced results.

3. Functional Nutrition

Say goodbye to starvation diets and hello to nutrition that nourishes your body, sustains weight loss, and fuels your lifestyle. One-on-one sessions with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist ensure every meal you choose is nutritious and delicious.

4. Support for Success

Nurture your goals with personalized support and accountability from our experts. Throughout your weight loss journey, we will walk with you every step of the way, laying a foundation for success with regular in-office visits and health coaching appointments—all included in the cost of the program.

An All-Inclusive Program

The WeightLess program is designed to help you lose weight, feel great, and take back your body. The program includes all of the personalized health insight, advanced treatments, and appointments with our team to lose real weight and keep it off.Contact us for more information about the cost of weightless.

As a WeightLess patient, you’ll use the most advanced treatments and technologies every week in our office. These include red light therapy, which helps your body lose inches on a cellular level, plates that stimulate muscles and accelerate weight loss goals, as well as IVs and injections to heal your body from the inside out. To track your progress, you’ll receive regular body scans for fast and accurate measurements, receive personalized insight and education from our functional dietitian and physician assistant or Dr. Kanodia, as well as stay accountable with health coaching sessions.


Take back your life, your health, and your body! Contact us today to join WeightLess and achieve the results you deserve.


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