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Address: 660 Cooper Road, Suite 400, Westerville, Ohio 43081
Phone: (614) 524-4527
Fax: (614) 524-5829
Email: [email protected]

Monday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Thursday 8:30am –5:00pm
Friday – Closed

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If you wish to book an appointment, it is best that you visit the Appointment Booking Page directly.

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If you are interested in ordering supplements from KanodiaMD, and you are NOT a current patient, please call the office at 614-524-4527 or email [email protected].

Please be ready to provide your address, form of payment, and date of birth.  If you are a current patient please submit your order through your portal or call in if you need help accessing your portal.

You can park your car just outside

Our staff is more than happy to assist you in any way

We use ramps for easier access.

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