Medicine Tests

Insight, information, progress

In functional medicine, we take a broad look at everything that’s going on with you — and what has gone on with you — to get to a root cause. Lab testing is foundational to our process. It can show us what is causing your symptoms, if you are headed toward a disease (even if you don’t have symptoms), track the progress of therapies, and motivate you to stick with the program.

Functional Medicine Tests, image of family at the doctor doing blood work.

Our testing portfolio includes many types of tests. Some examples include:

Food sensitivity testing: Some people are particularly sensitive to certain foods, which may cause inflammation and that contributes to chronic health disorders.

Gut health testing: Screening for leaky gut, gut function, parasites, bacterial overgrowth, and autoimmune reactions provides insight on possible gut problems that contribute to chronic health issues.

Blood chemistry panel: These tests screen for existing conditions and signals of potential problems, giving us time to reverse the trend before it becomes a bigger concern.

Chemical and metal sensitivity testing: As with foods, an immune reaction to chemicals or metals can trigger chronic inflammatory health disorders, so identifying their presence is critical.

Adrenal testing: This test reveal how you respond to stress and whether it’s affecting your health. This test is a key tool we use to track your progress toward your health goals.

Hormone testing: Hormone imbalances profoundly affect health. This testing screens for excesses, deficiencies, feedback loops, and how well you metabolize hormones.

DNA genetic testing: Genetic testing provides insight into disease risk and genetic metabolic variations that affect health.