Health Coaching

Partnering to achieve your health goals

With over 15 years of combined health coaching experience, and more than 2000 KanodiaMD patients supported, our health coaches have the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.

One of the things that sets KanodiaMD apart from other Functional Medicine practices is that we offer health coaching to all of our patients, as a complementary service! Dr. Kanodia does this because we want to ensure that our patients have that extra layer of support on their journey to feeling better. Research supports that 80% of success is in the implementation. Our health coaches support our patients in implementing their unique health plans – step by step.

Benefits of health coaching

At KanodiaMD, your health coach will support you in implementing the steps of the personalized plan your practitioner has created for you. You will work together through any challenges and celebrate your successes. Your health coach will provide education, inspiration, and motivation — all to help you get better faster!

✓ You have a Partner

The health coach is your partner, and an integrative part of your KMD health care team consistently working on your behalf

✓ Education

Some recommendations may be very new to you, and your health coach can provide instructions, explain benefits, and help you to better understand the “Why”

✓ Accountability

We facilitate the implementation of your personalized KMD health plan so you always know your next steps. Working with your health coach will keep you on track and help you to get better faster!

✓ Support

KMD understands that lifestyle changes can be hard. We are here to help with ongoing support and to facilitate behavior change

✓ Inspiration

What is getting better going to look and feel like for you? We can help you to align your thoughts and actions with your goals and dreams

✓ Motivation

How do you keep moving forward when you don’t feel like it? One little step at a time. We got this!

✓ Celebrate Success

Our team loves being your cheerleader and celebrating your wins!

✓ AND…health Coaching is FREE

So why not?

Mark Hyman on Health Coaching:

health coaches provide the instructions, the tools, the information, the facilitation of behavior change, and the information exchange that leads to the creation of health”  ~ Mark Hyman

Source:  Mark Hyman On How Health Coaches Will Shape the Future of Health Care;

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