Functional Nutrition

What you eat and drink plays a pivotal role in your body’s wellness.

Functional nutrition is a Core Pillar of Functional medicine and a very important part of every person’s journey.

It is about finding the right way of eating for each person — using food to maximize the potential for health, and reverse dysfunction or disease. There is no single “right diet” that applies to everyone. Whether you are looking to Take Back Your Life, or use food as a tool for prevention and optimization, our Dietitian will guide you to success.

Nutrition - What you eat and drink plays a pivotal role in your body’s wellness.

Mark Hyman on Functional Nutrition:

“What most people don’t realize is that food is not just calories; it’s information. It actually contains messages that connect to every cell in the body; What you eat literally controls almost every function of your body and mind.

…food is powerful medicine. It is information. What we eat can have a profound effect on our lives”
– Dr. Mark Hyman

KanodiaMD - Functional Medicine Practitioner in Columbus, Ohio

Why work with a Functional Dietitian Nutritionist?

At KanodiaMD, our dietitian will complete an initial assessment, and create a customized food plan that accounts for food allergies / sensitivities, lifestyle factors, lab testing, nutrient deficiencies and current mental status. Throughout this process our dietitian will help you understand and implement your plan based on realistic action steps that support you in achieving your health goals. When you work with our functional medicine professional, you will have access to a wealth of information to help you adopt a new approach and mindset towards food using strategies and tools that allow you to feel supported throughout the entire process.

What to Expect?

✓ A Functional Nutrition Assessment

Our dietitian will take the time to get to know you, your health history, and your unique needs and goals. This assessment will help identify nutritional imbalances and abnormalities through an organized diet and lifestyle review to create your customized nutrition plan based on targeted needs.

✓ A Personalized Plan

Every individual is unique, and your journey will be too! Your treatment plan will support optimal health and healing, and your protocol may include recommended dietary and lifestyle changes along with educational tools and resources such as menu planning, cooking and shopping tips, and recipes to educate you while empowering you to make the adjustments.

✓ Focus on Whole Foods

Functional nutrition dietitians prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods to truly use the power of Food as Medicine. This approach can help improve overall health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

✓ Accountability, Guidance

and Ongoing Support

Accountability, Guidance and Ongoing Support to ensure you succeed. Providing motivation and inspiration to keep you on track for developing sustainable eating habits while meeting you where you are to allow you to go at your own pace.

✓ Integrative Approach

Collaboration of KanodiaMD Practitioners throughout the entire process. We are a team, and work together to provide you with the best comprehensive care, and treatment plans.